finding something to read

Esmé and I both acquired eReaders for this trip, after finally giving up carrying the amount of books we’d like to have around at any given time.

We don’t love them. Not yet, anyway. We still go into every bookstore and just be amongst the books, knowing that even if we did find something in English, we don’t have the room to carry it in our backpacks, save for one.


Just one.

Esmé found a bin of books in English in Munich and she came up with one. One

Twilight. Well, okay. It’s printed on cheap paper, so it’s pretty light.

As for me, today I saw a copy of Alice Munro’s Lying Under the Apple Tree here in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in a store with about a dozen books in English.

I might go get it.

Maybe I’ll ask if I can trade the eReader for it to make room in my pack.