Zombie Apocalypse Running Club

Coming out 08.13.24

When twins Eira and Soren escape from their survivalist home into a world overcome by zombies, there’s only one way to stay alive: run!

Eira and Soren are queer twins living with their survivalist parents when a plague starts spreading that turns people into zombie-like monsters. They disagree with their parents about a lot, but they can’t deny that their way of life keeps them safe while much of the world perishes–for now. When it becomes clear that their safety won’t last, the twins decide to strike out on their own.

They don’t get far before encountering the one remaining person in the closest town: their friend Racer, a gold medal-winning Special Olympics champion. Racer is appalled at the twins’ slow speed and tells them that their survivalist skills aren’t worth anything if they can’t outrun the monsters. He sets them on a training regimen that comes in handy when they embark on the bigger journey ahead of them.

On their trek they find friends, enemies, and even love. But with zombies on their heels at every turn, will they ever be able to slow down?