Whatcom Skillshare Faire


The Whatcom Skillshare Faire … what a brilliant idea!  Bring together people who have a skill that they are keen to teach and people who are keen to learn new skills.  So simple, and so smart.

In one short day Esmé learned about drop spindles (the skill Grandma brought to the faire!) and keeping chickens and rabbits and bees, she milked a goat after watching the whole process from washing the udders to getting the milk, she made tortillas from scratch and then helped put together garden-fresh tacos, learned about local plants, the inner workings of cars, threshing, fire-making, rope splicing, tree scaling, solar dehydrators, pop can campstoves and more.*

All that, and she got to bomb around on her souped-up balance bike with her buddies and roll around in the dirt and eat outside and sleep hard and play harder and run around until she was staggering with exhaustion. Good times.

I asked Esmé what the best part of the weekend was and she answered without skipping a beat.  “Playing with my friends and sleeping in the tent!”  And while that might seem a funny answer, considering everything that she experienced, it is a perfect answer.  It tells me that learning is a very Ordinary Thing for her.  It’s nothing special to gain knowledge and explore new ideas and tasks.  I like that.  No pressure, no stress, but learning all the time.

* The ‘more’ I refer to should be capitalized.  It involves slaughtering animals.  Be warned now that tomorrow’s blog is going to be about killing animals for meat.  Having been a vegetarian for fifteen years, I know that it’s nice to get a heads up about these things.


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