Found Writing Advice #13

Everything you lave left is unwritten. If you are like most authors, everything that you can write — but haven’t yet — vastly outweighs that you have written. We think too much about what we’ve written. We edit it. We look to give to a good home. We’d like it to work for us. We want our readers to sit with it and give it their concentration.

But once you have written something, don’t give it too much attention.

Make space to explore all the unwritten wonders you still have to write. I don’t mean have  as in “Do I have to? Sigh.” I mean it as in, “I have so many amazing projects I want to work on. I can’t wait to get started.”

Go get started on the unwritten.

You will be amazed at what you find.

If nothing else, working on your unwritten will make you a better writer, and that is always a very good thing. Writing makes writers, so go do more of it.


ps. I blurred the writing below, because we’re talking about your unwrittens, not someone else’s neon bold and arrogant pithiness upon a wall.  Now, back to your writing.