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On Monday afternoon we picked up Jack after work and headed out of town while most everyone was wending home after the holiday long weekend, hence the traffic jam going the other way.

We met up with the lovely Pam & Robyn and had a Thanksgiving campfire supper, on the beach at Porteau Cove.  The same spot we had in the summer, as it happens.

It was, perhaps, the best holiday meal I’ve ever had.  The hotdogs were tasty, sure, but it wasn’t about the food.

It was about being outside with the sun shining.  Crisp, fall air.  A campfire.  Good company.  Two healthy, happy kids.  My magical beloved.  All of us together in that spectacular place, with the sparkling, calm ocean stretching away from us, reaching for the mountains.

And then a thick blanket of stars overhead as we packed up and drove home with the children.  We carried them up to bed, letting them sleep in the clothes that still smelled of campfire and dry leaves and the cold outside.

So much to be thankful for.

And I truly, truly am.






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  1. Grama Cathie says:

    Ahhhh, such darlings. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

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