Jack and Hawk made pretzels the other day.  I love pretzels, but didn’t have them for years and years and years when I wasn’t eating gluten.  One of the wonderful things about eating gluten again is getting reaquainted with wheaty old loves.

Like fresh, warm, pretzels.

And being that Chef Baba can make absolutely anything from scratch far better than it comes at a restaurant or store, she set about to make pretzels at home.  With Hawk’s help.

Both kids cherish their time with Baba being that she’s at work five days a week, and perhaps most coveted of all is working with her in the kitchen.  If we had a bigger kitchen, both kids could work alongside Jack, but you can reach either end of our tiny kitchen without actually moving at all.  Lean a little to the left, end of the counter.  Lean a little to the right, end of the counter.

So, now that Hawk wants kitchen time with Jack too, the kids are working on taking turns.   I don’t have to point out how much learning goes on with these Baba Kitchen Sessions, do I?  I will anyway, because lots of you like lists of that sort of thing.  So, to name a few subjects; math, science, sequencing, following instructions.  And more.  But you get the idea.

Does all this cooking in the name of unschooling mean more freshly baked goods to enjoy?  Why, yes.  Yes, it does.  Thankfully, we are surrounded by neighbours who enjoy all that the kids and Jack produce out of our miniscule kitchen, and so instead of just eating more, we’re giving away more too.

These pretzels were from this recipe from Laura In the Kitchen.  Jack says that most of her recipes are good.  She also says that coarse salt makes all the difference.  And she wants me to let everyone know that the sweet pretzels were a hit too.  With cinnamon and sugar.  We liked the sweet ones … who wouldn’t?  But we also liked the salted ones, with mustard on the side, served with Jack’s delicious tomato soup topped with cheese & fried kale.

Nom nom.




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5 Responses

  1. Lori says:

    awesome :)

    we also have a kitchen where you can stand in the middle and touch all four sides!!!

    • Carrie Mac says:

      And now you have two big kids! How on earth do you make room for each other? I swear, we’d do just fine on a boat or RV, which is half the reason why we’d love to live on one or the other!

  2. Marlas says:

    Yum! (Why are you eating gluten again??)

    • Carrie Mac says:

      Ah, gluten. I was having a bit here and there since both kids became eaters and were not gluten intolerant, and I didn’t notice much of a difference. Then finances pushed us in the direction of not doing gluten free for a spell, and low and behold, I’m okay. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow when I see you!

  3. Cathie says:

    Ohhh, sweet pretzels look good. Looks like Hawk is becoming a pretty good sous chef too. Cant wait to see you all next week.

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