Found writing advice #10

We repair.

Yes, we do.

We repair our writing over and over, because if you work it over and over, damage happens.

Don’t toss your project and start something new.

Don’t ignore it.

Don’t hope that some literary tow truck will arrive from off-scene and haul it away for someone else to tinker with it.

Go to your toolbox (you already have one) and find your favourite wrench and get to it.

Do not pick up the blowtorch, no matter how tempting.

Beholding a heap of charred bits might feel good for a moment, but you’ll quickly regret it.

Usually. Because sometimes¬†murdering your darlings does in fact mean the whole damn thing. But more on that later, because, truly, it does not hurt you to keep your manuscript that needs serious repair. Tuck it somewhere out of the way if it feels too overwhelming right now, or if you can’t find your toolbox because everything is so cluttered in your head and you can’t figure out where to start because it’s not just your favourite mug smashed into smithereens on the tile floor, or even a broken wrist, or a totalled car, but in fact a complete train wreck in flames down a steep embankment.

I am not speaking from experience.

Now, where the hell is my toolbox?