Found Writing Advice #6
Franklin St.
Chicken processing plant lunchroom, 530am.

On a roll?
Your words are behaving and the story is truly happening?
That’s brilliant.
Keep going!

But don’t forget to eat.

If you’re lucky, you have a snack within arm’s reach.
But if not, combine your trips.
Get up, stretch, walk the dog, go to the bathroom, refill your coffee or tea or water, and — most importantly … [Read More]

A starred review from Kirkus!


What an absolutely brilliant way to start the week! I am so grateful.

And so excited for everyone read 10 Things I Can See From Here!

Anxious queer girls unite!


Kirkus Reviews, November 15, 2016:


Author: Carrie Mac

Review Issue Date: November 15, 2016

Online Publish Date: November 2, 2016

Category: Fiction

A white teen with severe anxiety struggles to manage [Read More]



Found Writing Advice #4

5am. Powell Street, by the shipping yards. Dark and raining.



Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Stuck? Go outside and do the same.

Anxious? Slow it down.

Need to think something through? Frustrated with a character? Can’t find a way to write through a scene?  Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Breathe.

Need more than that? Walk faster. Run. Swim until your lungs ache.… [Read More]

open 24 hours


Found writing advice #3


This is you, as a writer.

Perhaps this is you as a person?

Some writers are very good and shutting the operations down when they want. That comes easy for some, requires discipline practiced for others, is next to impossible for a large group, and absolutely impossible for an unfortunate group, which is thankfully quite small.

No matter what your shop hours are, use them … [Read More]

Be reasonable.


Found Writing Advice #2


Be reasonable.

Keep your goals within reach, but not too close. Spitting distance is too close. Need binoculars? Too far.

If your writer-gut tells you it sucks, listen.

If it needs chopping, sharpen your ax.

If your smart people read it and give similar advice, listen.

If you get rejected, send it out again.

If you don’t like it, write something else.

If you’re tired … [Read More]



Found Writing Advice #1




You don’t need to know anything for sure.

You don’t need to know everything about your characters, your plot, the arc, the climax, the ending, the theme, the atmosphere, any recurring images, motifs, or ideas. You don’t need to know where, when or if your story will be published.

Just estimate.

Get an idea, and go with it.

Keep writing.



Powell … [Read More]

Timeline Cut & Paste


I had to use an actual calendar, scrap paper, scissors, my 400-page printed manuscript and my computer to untangle a piece of plot. Done. Phew.


This is is what it felt like when I started:image[Read More]