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Found writing advice #3


This is you, as a writer.

Perhaps this is you as a person?

Some writers are very good and shutting the operations down when they want. That comes easy for some, requires discipline practiced for others, is next to impossible for a large group, and absolutely impossible for an unfortunate group, which is thankfully quite small.

No matter what your shop hours are, use them … [Read More]

Be reasonable.


Found Writing Advice #2


Be reasonable.

Keep your goals within reach, but not too close. Spitting distance is too close. Need binoculars? Too far.

If your writer-gut tells you it sucks, listen.

If it needs chopping, sharpen your ax.

If your smart people read it and give similar advice, listen.

If you get rejected, send it out again.

If you don’t like it, write something else.

If you’re tired … [Read More]



Found Writing Advice #1




You don’t need to know anything for sure.

You don’t need to know everything about your characters, your plot, the arc, the climax, the ending, the theme, the atmosphere, any recurring images, motifs, or ideas. You don’t need to know where, when or if your story will be published.

Just estimate.

Get and idea, and go with it.

Keep writing.



Powell … [Read More]

Timeline Cut & Paste


I had to use an actual calendar, scrap paper, scissors, my 400-page printed manuscript and my computer to untangle a piece of plot. Done. Phew.


This is is what it felt like when I started:image[Read More]

the query project

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What an honour it is to be included in Plenitude’s The Query Project this week.

The Query Project invites queer Canadian authors to recommend writing that has had a deep, personal impact on them. It was very, very, very, very hard to come up with just one. In fact, it was impossible. I thought about it for so long that Brett had to nudge me more than once to get … [Read More]


photo 1

I love getting mail.

I especially loving getting the author copies of literary journals that have published my stories.

Three copies of Grain arrived today. It looks great, and is full of writing that I cannot wait to read.

Thanks go out to editor Alice Kuipers for her deft touch and keen eye. Her edits helped make my story shimmer.

photo 2

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Hello, USA!

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I am absolutely thrilled to announced that my next YA novel will be born in the States!

My brilliant and savvy agent Emily Brown at Foundry Media in New York did an incredible job of brokering a home for Closer to Fine with Knopf, and more specifically with Kelly Delaney there. I can’t wait to get the edits going. So far Kelly is smart, firm, creative, and funny. All … [Read More]