Toys for the un-toy kid

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This Blue Jay California Oranges box came into the house just after Christmas.  Ever since, it has been the go-to item in our house.  This doesn’t surprise me in the least.  Not after five years of birthdays and Christmases as Esmé’s mama.  She’s the kind of kid who happily wanders into a toy store, looks around for a bit, and then happily leaves without asking for a thing.

Hawk, not … [Read More]



Even before we left Mexico, we were talking about when the kids and I could get out of town again.  I’m not actually a city person, so when we moved down from Pemberton almost five years ago, Jack and I made an agreement.  We’d move to a walkable neighbourhood so that I could have the illusion of still being in a small town, and we’d make it a priority … [Read More]

home | school | life subscription giveaway!

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A handful of smart, lovely folks are putting together a new homeschool magazine, and are launching their first issue this spring!  home|school|life magazine is going to be full of information, advice, ideas, and inspiration.

It’s about time we had a ‘cool’ homechool magazine, right?  This is it, folks.  The cool homeschool magazine.  It’s going to be available online and in print, and I for one, can’t wait.

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art, side by side

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One of my favourite ways to spend time on this planet is by making art.  Drawing, painting, making, writing … generally any kind of creative mucking about makes my heart all warm and sparkly.  Add kids to that love and it makes my heart truly electric with joy.

The other day Esmé and I took our notebooks and pencil crayons to Café Continental and spent a lovely, leisurely couple of … [Read More]

our Mexico curriculum



Our Mexico curriculum? Doesn’t exist!

Or, at least, not in any formal way, which I’m sure you are all shocked to hear.  We’re mostly life learners, really, with a smattering of Miquon and Reading Eggs and the like thrown in for good measure.  We organize and prioritize our learning opportunities and resources by applying Project-Based Homeschooling overall, which gives us a consistency and continuity that would otherwise be … [Read More]

San Sebastian del Oeste


On our first day here, we met Barbara at the beach.  She’s from Comox, and filled us in on what she’d learned since arriving a couple of weeks before.  We saw her a couple of times after that, and then one day at Los Muertos, we noticed paramedics attending to her after she hobbled out of the ocean.  She’d been stung by a stingray, and was in terrible pain.  I … [Read More]

Hearts of Sayulita!


It’s Valentines Day in Sayulita! We decided to do a scavenger hunt for hearts, starting at our house. Sayulita is full of love and hearts, some of the most gorgeous hearts we’ve ever seen.  Esmé had a sharp eye for finding them tucked away here and there and everywhere, and we ended up with a gorgeous collection of Valentines.  Happy Valentines Day!




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Project-based Homeschooling away from home



Call it whatever you’d like … life-learning, home-learning, world-learning, roadschooling, travel-schooling, homeschooling, unschooling, lifeschooling, hackschooling, independent learning, or just plain life.

People who are self-directed learners at home are also self-directed learners when away from home . They bring their interests with them.

On this trip, Esmé has returned to a favourite project of hers’ … BUGS.

{nb. We’ve purposefully steered away from  the subject of … [Read More]

an average day in Sayulita


We’ve discovered our favourite beach!  It’s a longer walk, but the reward is a stretch of beautiful sand with hardly anyone on it, perfect for swimming and beachcombing and building sand castles.  An added bonus is that a local family sets up a barbeque there each day, selling mahi mahi and shrimp skewered on sticks, and platters of fresh oysters with wedges of lime on the side.  We bring our … [Read More]

Happy Birthday, Esmé!


Dear Esmé,

Yesterday you turned five.  You can read,  you are an ace with numbers, and you are the fastest runner I’ve ever met.  You’re working on riding a pedal bike, but still aren’t very interested in climbing the stuff at the park.  I doubt you ever will be.  You like to watch. Observe. Take note.  Which is entirely in keeping with the scientist in you.

You and science are … [Read More]